College Pranks. Hair Clippers Are a Must.

College is an exciting time in someone’s life. For many, it’s the first time away from home, for others it represents the beginning of adulthood. College can have as many meanings to as many people who attend it. For all, though, is the sense that it represents a watershed moment in the transition from child to adult. However, that watershed moment isn’t without fun and games of its own.

My own time in college was marked by a clear and constant drive to succeed. That success wasn’t necessarily academic or professional, rather it was a drive to administer some of the best pranks to my friends while avoiding their attempts at pranking me. In the world of pranking creativity may be king but a healthy dose of paranoia is queen.

Pranking one’s friends is an integral part to any college experience. As bout as much as the drinking games we used to play. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it can bring friends closer together. It forms lasting memories people will look back on long after most of college is remembered as little more than a blur in the scheme of one’s life.

Yes, Your Refrigerator Is Broken

One of my favorites from my college days was the time I poured mouthwash behind suite mate’s refrigerator. My suite mate was not particularly mechanically inclined and the mouthwash, since it was blue and on the floor behind his refrigerator, worried up. Helpfully I told him it was the coolant liquid leaking from the refrigerator’s coils. He took everything out of the fridge, unplugged it, and carried it down five flights of stairs to the garbage. Only after he returned did I tell him it was actually mouthwash. He wasn’t in a good mood after he lugged the refrigerator out of the dumpster and back up five flights of stairs. It was hilarious.

Unfortunately, not long after that, he mixed curly hair remover into my shampoo. The worst part, though, is that my girlfriend at the time used the tainted shampoo before I did.

Pizza Money

During my sophomore year I lived in a seven person suite. One of my suite mates, he lived in the single, had a thing for saving every empty can or bottle he could find. His plan was to keep them all neatly stacked in their boxes in the garbage room until the end of the semester when everyone was tight on cash and then use the money from returning them for food and drinks. Great idea.

However, he had a bad habit of leaving his door unlocked and by mid October there was an absurd number of cans and bottles in the garbage room. One weekend while he was away visiting family the other guys I lived with and I went around campus collecting every empty bottle we could find. We even got them from some of the fraternity houses.

We took all these cans and bottles back to our suite and bagged them up in huge contractor garbage bags. We also bagged up all of his saved cans and bottles. By the end we had about seventy of these huge contractor bags stuffed with cans and bottles. They all got stuffed into his room.

When he returned to campus the next Monday, running late for class as usual, he went back to his room to get his books and instead found seventy leaking bags of cans and bottles. It took days to get rid of the smell.

Unwanted Haircut and My Come Up Ins

Which isn’t to say nothing ever happened to me. Remember that girlfriend I mentioned? I was getting ready to go home for Thanksgiving and was all packed up. I was supposed to be leaving the next morning. After I fell asleep that night she got her revenge for the shampoo in the hair fiasco by taking a pair of hair clippers and shaving a strip of hair from front to back out of the middle of my head. This indeed was not a haircut that I wanted but we laughed about it and moved on to the next chapter in our life. That is not to say that was the last time a haircut was given without immediate permission.

All in all college is a wonderful experience. Try to keep it as light hearted and fun as possible. One great way to do that is to prank your friends often but be warned, if you’re not always vigilant someone could prank you.

Fun Pub Drinking Games

Many people go to college to further their education. Some people go to college just for the experience. Going to college is the first time that many young people are away from home without any rules or adult supervision. College is a time to study but is also a time to party and of course tailgate when possible. There are some great bar drinking games that are enjoyed by college students all over the country.

Fuzzy Ducks

It is recommended to play this game when sitting with friends at a booth in a bar. A person starts the game by saying “ Fuzzy Duck” than the person to the right of them can either repeat this or they can say “Ducky Fuzz” Fuzzy duck will state that it is the person on their right side’s turn next. Ducky Fuzz states that the person on the left should go. When a person messes up the order or says something different than they have to take a drink. After a round of this game the players are pretty buzzed.


This game requires the players to put their college math skills to the test. A person will start by saying the number seven. The person after them has to give a number ending in seven or is a multiple of seven. If they are able to do so everyone takes a drink. A person cannot spend more than four seconds thinking of this number. When students are getting buzzed this game can get rather challenging.

Never Have I Ever

This game gets a little personal. A student starts by saying “Never have I ever” than something they have done. For example a student may say “Never have I ever been drunk” . Everyone they are playing with that has been drunk at one point or another takes a drink. Those that have not done the action do not drink. Than the next player goes and so on. This game can get very personal very quickly but is a good way to catch a buzz.


This can needs some change in order to play. The player set up and empty glass on the tables and one at a time try to bounce a quarter off the table and get it into the glass. If they are able to get it they can pick another player to take a drink. If they miss than the next person goes. The rules may vary a little from campus to campus but the basics of the game stay this game.

Beat the Bartender

This game will help a student get buzzed quickly. The player goes to the bar and orders a shot. They pay the bartender with too much money. Whole the bartender is making change the drinker takes the shot. When the bartender returns with the change they order another shot. If the bartender is able to give them the proper change before they down the shot the next players goes. This game must be used with caution.

These are just some of the great bar games to make the college experience fun. Drink with caution and with friends. These games are fun but sometimes they can be too much of a good thing.

College Football Tailgating

Tailgating is a traditional pastime that has been around as long as the game of football. In the past, college students went out to the games on horse and buggies to see their favorite teams battle it out on the gridiron. This tradition has continued on from the past and today it is a normal part of college football culture. Tailgating can be done on a budget with alcohol as beer is the drink of choice for most.

Each and Every Saturday in The Fall

There are thousands of universities all over the country. Each Saturday during the fall months millions of college students go to tailgating parities in support of their home team. A lot of tailgating events are a big deal to college students and for local residents who live in the area near a university. Division 1 universities with big time name teams such as the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Alabama Crimson Tide or the Oregon Ducks have tailgating parties that register off the scale. Division 1 teams are almost as important as professional teams. The better programs garner a lot of support from current college students and former alumni.

So what happens what happens when college students tailgate? Well, let me explain. The first thing that everyone does is gather together in parking lot right out of a team’s home stadium. Keep in mind that many loyal fans will travel to away games in support of their team. For the most part, college students will have tailgating parties for their home team.

Portable Grills are a Must

Many young college people typically load up their car with portable grills, snacks, portable TVs and radios. If the weather is bad they will even take blankets, tents and portable space heaters. A lot of people like to take folding chairs and even blow up mattresses out to tailgating events. Some people even take sleeping bags. A few die-hard fans that have money will even bring campers that can convert into a makeshift viewing area so they can watch the game live from the parking lot. Yes, tailgating events is that serious for many people.

People like to barbecue at tailgate. They make all kinds of finger foods such as hamburgers, chicken wings, fries and chili. Often times they will prepare many of these dishes in advance but ultimately they like to cook them while they are at the event. It is customary for everyone to contribute to the food fund if they want to eat.

Beer and Wine. The Drinks of Choice.

When it comes to tailgating and college students you have to expect beer and wine. While it is true that everyone does not drink at a tailgating event; many people do. Yes, a lot of college kids are responsible and have designated drivers and no they do not try to sneak alcohol into the stadium. Well, at least most of them do not. Many like to get a “buzz” which helps them to get fired up for their team.

Most of the people who attend a tailgating event will wear at least one clothing item with their team’s colors and or logo. This is necessary to be union with the team and with other tailgaters. People who do not show up in the appropriate attire will be scorned by the fans. Most tailgaters will run people away who show up in an opposing team’s colors or logo. So, do not do this unless you are looking for trouble.

Remember that most people arrive for tailgating events at least 2 hours before a game begins. However, some people get there extremely early. Tailgaters who are going to watch the game from the stadium will start to break down their gear at least ½ hour before they are about to enter the stadium. In most cases, it would be wise to do this at least an hour before a game begins. This way a person will have time to find their seats and get ready for kickoff. Tailgating is a fun and exciting pregame event for college students and it is a great way for college students to show how much they appreciate their home teams.

How to Drink on A Budget

Drinking on a budget while at college requires as much or as little planning as you may care to invest in it. Anyone with a few bucks can just hit the liquor store and stock up on gut-rot, and indeed this is one of the options we will discuss below. Yet there are other ways of getting a buzz on while not breaking the bank and avoiding hangovers, some a little more out there than others.

1) Strategic Drinking On A Night Out

Let’s get the first issue out of the way – bars are an expensive necessity. Nobody wants to spend their college years drink radiator hooch staring the four walls, and bars are an essential way of meeting people, hooking up and taking part in the whole college experience. Yet even college bars can be expensive over the course of a night out, especially if you decide to hit them on a regular basis. Here’s some practical advice:

Pre-load. Do a healthy share of your drinking before heading out, you’ll feel right in the zone when you hit the bar and with any luck won’t be able to stomach too much more booze anyway! Drinking from the liquor store is always cheaper, just remember it’s an art getting the buzz just right – and leave your credit card at home.

Flirt. Especially more so for women, and get a few beers from other bar patrons or ideally the bartenders. Just be careful and stick with your group.

Smuggle. A strategic hip flask or well secreted bottle will make your night a damn sight cheaper. Just remember if you get caught you’ll be denied entry/kicked out which is bad for your reputation….

2) Create A Booze Club

Especially true for fraternities and dorms, it’s often much cheaper to buy booze in bulk than a little here and there. Any economics major will explain the capacity of spending power, so hit a deal with your local store and buy en-mass. You can split the savings – just make sure to split the booze fairly to avoid disgruntled shareholders.

3) Make Your Own

From prison hooch to craft beers, home brewing is an accessible and fun way to drink on the cheap. It can cost a little to get started out but once up and running a decent set-up can make booze a fraction of the price. Check out the legalities of your state first – many from upon distilling (it can be dangerous) and selling your supply openly is a dangerous game….

4) Bar tend

It may sound ridiculous – after all you want to get loaded – but bar tending is hands down the best way to drink literally for free at college. Most good bars will allow their staff a snifter here and there on duty (be careful!) and you will be bought many, many drinks while earning cash too! Best of all when you hit your place on a night out off work you will be treated as a revered demi-god and likely be comped drinks left right and center.

5) Cheap Booze Basics

Regardless if you plan on having a six figure income within a year of graduating and drinking only the finest wines and ales, fact is you’re likely pretty broke and will need to slum it while working towards your golden future. This will mean, Schlitz beer, Everclear, Steel Reserve and similar will be your budget drinking buddies for the time being.

Think of it is a life experience, and remember that if beer is cold enough it’s always drinkable. Same with spirits being heavily mixed with something to take the taste away. Cheap wine mixed with coke is actually not too bad….

6) Cheese & Wine

College is packed full of societies and clubs have laid on meetings and events all the time. Sure Greek literature may not be your thing, but why not attend the complementary ‘introductory’ evening to enjoy a few glasses. Even better if you find something you’re actually interested in, there’s likely plenty of booze to be found either for free or massively subsidized.

Be creative!

How To Avoid A Hangover

Hangovers are bad at the worst of times but at college they can be absolutely crippling. Not only will they affect your sleeping, concentration, recall and other essentials for effective study, but experienced frequently they can often lead to debilitating depression and dependency by changing drinking habits. Not cool. On the plus side there are certain sage pieces of advice that will help avoid hangovers entirely or at worst reduce their effects.

A Quick Note On Hangovers

Hangovers are fascinating beasts and the result of all sorts of damage and chaos that someone has decided to hammer upon their body. People always go ‘ohh my liver hurts’ – that’s garbage, if you’re liver is hurting you need to go to ER and never drink ever again. It’s likely indigestion. Likewise ‘my head hurts’ – that’s not your head, it’s the sensory nerve ends politely informing you that you’re seriously dehydrated. This guide is about how to stop the body hurting so much – a positive mental attitude towards hangovers is 90% the cure.

1) Mix Drinks And Water

Let’s start with a boring one. Hangovers occur partially through dehydration, and if booze is consumed par-to-par with a glass of unpolluted water you are going to help your body process/expel the alcohol, while also keeping your essential organs as sweet as possible. Mixers don’t count – as soon as a non alcoholic liquid is mixed with alcohol, it becomes alcoholic. Only drink water – caffeinated soft drinks will just make it worse.

2) Drink Wisely

All alcohol will eventually give you a hangover, it’s as much a myth that clear spirits don’t as it is that vodka doesn’t smell on your breath. However some drinks are worse than others, and that can be good or bad news however you choose to read it! Darker drinks such as red wine, port, and plenty of spirits (whiskey & Jager especially) are full of tannin that is difficult for the body to break down in large quantity. Likewise some manufactured drinks are packed full of additives and chemicals that play havoc with the body – avoid caffeinated/energy alcoholic drinks at all costs….

3) Prepare

As fun as a spontaneous night out is, just a few simple steps can massively help reduce the ill effects of a hangover the day after. Eating is never cheating – try to avoid overly salty and complex foods that will be harder for the body to break down. A massive healthy salad with wholemeal bread and a pint of milk will stock you up with a mountain of vitamins to help recovery, and a well lined stomach to help avoid gut irritation. Try to eat a little here and there when out, it’ll help in the long run.

4) Before Bedtime

So you’ve made it home and feeling a bit dozy/wonky. Stop! Before you collapse into bed drink a couple of glasses of water and take an Asprin (providing no allergies and you’re still coherent). If you can and especially if you haven’t already try to eat a little of something out the fridge – a little bread or yogurt is perfect just to keep the metabolism ticking over nicely.

5) Next Day Essentials

It’s likely that you may wake up and feel ok, especially if you have followed the above tips. However complacency at this stage can really hit you later in the day quite possibly there’s still a little booze in you that’s stopping your nervous system going haywire just yet. Perform the following:

Get Up! If you slumber in bed you’re wasting time and that hangover will get you.

Water & Food. Water cannot be underestimated in helping through the day, if you have a slight headache already try to get your sugar levels up a little by taking a teaspoon mixed into water. Caffeine comes later but you must hydrate now! Wholegrain foods (cereals, nuts, bread) and eggs, milk etc are great for breakfast. Avoid the temptation to eat leftover pizzas or animal proteins – they are difficult to process and again can be saved for later.

Exercise. We’re not talking about a marathon – go for a walk, jog, cycle or swim. Exercise helps the body calibrate and gets the organs pumping. The fresh air will help too.

Under No Case Drink In The Morning! Hair of the dog is a wonderful idea but will only serve to delay the hangover a little and make it ever so worse when it catches you eventually….

College Drinking Habits

College is an important part of life. This societal institution helps people to increase their income and knowledge and it is a great place to socialize, learn and to make contacts. Another thing about college that many people may or may not like is the availability of alcohol. Drinking alcohol in college is a reality and in many cases a tradition. Usually, when most people go to college they can expect to engage in promiscuous sexual activity and lots of drinking.

On Campus Drinking

Drinking on campus is nothing new. People have been doing this as long as there have been college institutions. Fraternities and sororities often have their members and pledges engage in drinking parties. The average college student in general will also probably drink lots of alcohol simply because they can.

Many college administrators try to curb alcohol consumption among college age kids. This does not work. The problem is that many young adults are rebellious or they want to experiment and one way they want to do this is by drinking. Keg parties are not that unusual at college. Also, drinking lots of alcohol is a way that many students socialize and remove their restrictions.

Keep in mind that many problems do come from young adults drinking. Unfortunately, there are rapes and even deaths that result from this activity. A lot of college pledges to sororities and fraternities have even been abused from drunken brothers or sisters who took their hazing too far. The point is that alcohol is not always safe to use and that people must be aware when they are immersed in an environment where it is prevalent.

Social Drinking

College students not only drink to socialize and to lose their inhibitions. They also drink to relieve stress. Do not forget that many young adults are under a lot of pressure to get good grades so they can get a good job. They also might have to work to support themselves and their college education. So, they sometimes need a break from this pressure and one of the ways they get free from it is by drinking alcohol.

Is alcohol consumption for college students all wrong? The simple answer is no. If taken in moderation and if students drink sensibly; then alcohol on college campuses is not a problem at all. The problem comes in when an individual student has deeper underlying issues to their personality and they decide to drink. A violent college student who decides to consume alcohol could possibly use the alcohol as a means to fuel their violent disposition. The point is that people often do dangerous or foolish things while they are drunk.

College campuses as a whole do not discourage drinking. However, they do not promote it either. Instead, they allow students to have their alcohol as long as they are responsible. If things get out of hand they will shut down the flow of alcohol on a campus. No university cannot afford to have its student population out of control on alcohol. It is just bad business. Ultimately, college students will drink alcohol and many of them will have a great time doing it.

The Best Pubs in Town

There’s all kinds of college bars out there. Some will serve a particular niche or theme, others may be a mix of student/locals, some will be high class and others absolute dives where you can pick up lots of girls. Deciding what’s best for you particular tastes really requires a little trial and error, and while reputation will always serve to make some places the go-to destination, remember that the bar world is always in motion and changes often. Here we’ll take a look at a few sure-fire pointers that will suggest a bar may well just be ‘the best in town’ for college students.

1) Traditional Institution-Led Pub

If it’s been there forever then there’s a reason, and best of all these places know that they have to keep up their standards. Good indicators are often that the decor will lean heavily towards to college tradition, especially with banners/memorabilia of sports teams and famous alumni. Prices will be usually pretty middle of the ground, with a decent yet unexceptional range of drinks and food and a staff that will usually be 99% students. These are homely places with an all-day buzz, yet may miss the escapism from college life that some are looking for – especially if your tutor is standing next to you in line.

2) The Too Cool-For-School Bar

Juggling bartenders, pumping tunes, live acts and often massive drinks promotions sum these joints out. They’re often pretty new and come and go with fashion but are likely going to be a long term late night drinking spot where ‘legends’ are born! It’s also common for these places to be heavily sports and fraternity led, big screen TVs, stages and dance floors are pretty much a standard. Watch out for the drink prices – promotion booze will be cheap but standard drinks may get pricey, especially in quantity!

3) Hipster Craft Alehouses

Vast range of powerful beers, often a back wall of astonishingly diverse liquors, coffee from across the continents and of course super fast wifi. Once upon a time these were likely dive bars that have been bought up and spruced up to go along with the times, and will feature a homely and friendly atmosphere served with a slightly pretentious quirk. Food is often described as ‘legendary’ (even if it isn’t), and probably these are the best call for anyone looking to bartend through college too. If it’s good it’ll likely have plenty of non student clientele also, adding a decent pinch of diversity to the atmosphere.

4) The Local Dive Bar

Likely a place many may not ever visit, the ubiquitous dive bar can be a golden destination for college students if they hit the jackpot. On paper they have everything you’d need – cheap booze, late hours, huge food portions, pool tables and a tolerant attitude to inebriation. Yet their reputation often belies them of much student interest – and their low maintenance approach to things can be disarming compared to the other destinations on this list. Repeat custom will in time pay huge dividends, as these dives are often incredibly friendly, a great way to meet people from outside of campus, and did we mention – CHEAP!

5) The Classy Joint

There’ll be one in every student area – cocktails and fine dining are the name of the game and it’s the go-to place for date nights. The service and standards will be excellent, there will be a distinct lack of japers and hi-jinx, instead replaced by steely cool. Music will be generic lo-fi and not there to be intrusive or get in the way of conversation. For some students – and not necessarily the wealthy ones – these will be the best pub in town, especially among the postgrads.

6) The Venue

Often huge and with limited indoor seating, the venue will be a combination of the traditional pub with aspects of hipster and local dive thrown in. Music of all kinds and quality will be featured across the week, and usually there’ll be a peculiar musky that will somehow be unique to your senses for the rest of your life. Expect to pay a token amount for entry as The Venue is rarely open during the day, drinks will either be ludicrously cheap or expensive.

How to Pick Up Girls At a Pub

With the advancement of technology and the Internet, many individuals are now using online dating sites to meet other individuals. However, if you want the quickest method to meet girls, then being able to chat them up at bars and pubs is most certainly the quickest and most effective way in which to do so. In this article we will outline a number of different techniques that can be used if you want to master the art of chatting up girls when you are out and about in bars and other public places.

Practice Confidence

Confidence is the most important thing that one needs when they are chatting up girls. If you come across as being confident then the girl that you are trying to chat up will open up and will be less hostile towards you. However, you need to come across as being confident but not in a negative way. This means that you need to be positive. This will then make you attractive, so long as you are confident as well. The trick when it comes to being confident with girls is to not worry what they think of you. Once you can overcome this, you will find yourself being far more successful when approaching women.

Practice Talking

The next step when you have approached the woman is to begin a conversation that is not generic. You need to create a conversation that is interesting and positive. It can be a good idea to introduce some humor into the conversation and this will help things flow in a more positive manner. As you make your way over to the girl that you are interested in, it can be a good idea to think of something amusing in your head, so that it makes you smile and see more attractive. The girl that you’re trying to connect with will then smile as well and this will get things off to a good start.

Develop a Strong Sense of Self

This can be a good idea as it can make you stand out among the other individuals and will get the attention of the girls that you are after. For instance, you may wish to develop a unique sense of style by investing in fashion items that fit your personality effectively and make you look attractive. You may also wish to develop a good sense of humor and spend time learning jokes that can be used to hold a conversation when you are chatting someone up at a bar.

Practice More

The only way to get good at this is to practice and it may be difficult at first, but as you practice more and gain more experience, you will quickly develop your skills and your success rate will rise. Try and set yourself a target of chatting up at least one girl every time you go to a bar or pub and you will quickly find that you develop skills and techniques that will help you get the girls that you want.